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Who doesn’t love pumpkin? No one! You probably read through the health benefits of pumpkin in our last blog and October newsletter. Well we are continuing the pumpkin love into November!93093c812f82143dcabc5d73185d7665

Are you hesitant to attend holiday parties because of all the tempting sweets? Do not fear! Here are some tips to help you survive the holiday hustle:

  • Crowd out your plate with health foods – leave no room for unhealthy processed treats!
  • Skip the cocktails and stay hydrated.
  • Go for green – with so much to choose from, lean towards the fiber and vitamin packed dark leafy greens.
  • Don’t skip meals – make sure you eat protein dense, fiber-ful meals before events, this will help over-eating.
  • Stay active – just because it’s too cold to workout outside doesn’t mean you should skip the workout. Search youtube for home exercise videos!
  • Beat the blues – add foods high in vitamin D to your diet or consider supplements to avoid seasonal affective disorder (SAD).
  • Do less, say no – easier said than done, but holiday are stressful. Practice saying ‘NO’ when an event or anything isn’t going to add to your life.
  • Give back – find ways to give back in your community and to those you love; it will improve your day too!
  • Bring healthy with you – bring health foods to potlucks and parties. Not only will everyone there be better off, but you’ll have a go-to item to eat while there.

To make your life a little easier, we have whipped up the recipe for the perfect item to bring to all your holiday parties. Check out the Pumpkin Bread recipe below and make your co-workers jealous!

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