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f6634208962e8689eef989a557f3acebJumping rope is a great form of cardio. Endless variations provide a sense of freedom that other methods don’t. Most of us don’t like cardio – but jumping rope is different. It allows you to completely de-stress and get lost in the movement, eliminating the awareness of actually doing cardio. Fatigue becomes an afterthought, while each spin of the rope gives a nudge of encouragement to keep pushing yourself. On top of that, results are real and more than noticeable.

That’s why you need to join the MCT Lean Jump Rope Challenge! 10 minutes a day is all it takes to make a serious difference in your overall health and body composition!

Although a bit outdated (though, the drawn conclusions not devalued), an Arizona State University study published in the Research Quarterly, American Association for Health, Physical Education and Recreation, discovered that a 10-minute daily program of jumping rope is equivalent to a 30-minute daily jogging program in improving cardiovascular efficiency. The research protocol called for 92 collegiate male students to split into two groups — half jumped rope for 10 min/day, while the other half jogged for 30 minutes/day. After 6 weeks, the administered Harvard Step Test conveyed that the level of cardiovascular gain between the two groups was nearly identical.

In another study conducted by Illinois University’s Physical Research Center, it was found that a 60-minute, 5-day/wk., 10-wk jump rope program resulted in some astonishing physical changes:

  • Greater leg and knee strengthc39d4382a37b14b9a577920c2ce52684
  • Increase in calf size
  • Improvement in jumping ability (some subjects jumping 4½ inches higher!), running speed, agility, flexibility, and cardiovascular efficiency

While 60 minutes/day for 5 days/wk may be a bit extreme, there is no doubt that jumping rope for just 10 min/day is a next level method of cardio. According to the Jump Rope Institute, a 10-min jump rope session at a minimum of 120 revolutions per minute (RPM) can also provide the same benefits as:

  • 2 sets of tennis singles
  • 720 yards of swimming
  • 18 holes of golf

Depending on body weight and jumping variation, it is possible to burn upwards of 720 calories/hr (at 120 to 140 RPM), which is the same as running at a 5.7 mph pace, or an 8-min mile. By increasing intensity over 120 to 140 RPM, you can potentially increase your rate of calorie expenditure to over 1,000 calories/hr!

Time isn’t an excuse anymore. Start realizing benefits in just 10 minutes a day! Or, if you’d like to kick it up a notch as I do, include it as a part of a circuit training regimen involving push-ups, pull-ups, squats, etc. and work to incorporate some of the variations from this YouTube video.



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