The Benefits of MCT Oil: Building a Lean Body!

The Body Builder’s Secret.For years, countless body builders have followed the ketogenic diet in order to lean out and look ripped right before an upcoming show. This diet consists of:

  • High fat
  • Adequate protein
  • Low carbohydrates

Preparing meals and sticking to these guidelines is extremely difficult. Fortunately, simply combining MCT Lean MCT Oil with a reduced carbohydrate diet can generate therapeutic blood ketone levels similar to that of a ketogenic diet.

Eat Fat to Burn Fat. The body is an adaptive organism regulating hormone secretion and enzyme production in response to the food we eat. So, when we ingest more fat (more MCTs), the body becomes more efficient at mobilizing fat stores as energy. As a result, even in the presence of carbohydrates, the body will begin breaking down its own body fat to power ordinary, everyday functions.

An All Around Player. Other potential benefits of ketosis include:
  1. If adequate amounts of protein and carbohydrates are consumed while in a state of ketosis, the body will spare protein and preserve muscle.
  2. Many beneficial hormones, such as GH and IGF-I, are released which leads to more fat breakdown and lean muscle growth.
  3. Many people may experience decreased hunger and less carbohydrate cravings, making dieting easier to accomplish. 

Adding healthy fats to your diet is easy with MCT Oil. All you have to do is add 1 tablespoon of MCT Oil to your daily protein smoothie, salad dressing, or coffee! Even if you aren’t looking to become a body builder, MCT Oil can help you maintain a toned, lean physique.

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