The Benefits of MCT Oil: Athlete’s Fuel!

Make Nice With The Gym. When medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) reach liver cells, metabolism is stimulated and energy is produced to fuel the body. This process provides immediate supplemental energy that increases oxidative capacity, while also decreasing fat deposition during extended periods of physical activity.Studies suggest continual MCT consumption by recreational athletes results in reduced lactate production, a lower rate of perceived exertion, and maintenance of extended high-intensity exercise. When taken on a regular basis, MCT Lean MCT Oil provides sustained energy that reduces fatigue, improves endurance, allows you to get more done in the gym, and last longer during competition.

Feel The Burn, Not The Pain. When metabolism increases, cells function more efficiently:

  • Injuries heal faster
  • Old and diseased cells turnover faster
  • New cells are generated at an expedited rate

MCT Lean MCT Oil enables you to recover quicker and better from workouts – taking away an excuse for not working out the next day!



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